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Pskov city in Russia, hotels, fortress, tour, travelAbout Russian Pskov city. Hotels in Pskov city.

Pskov lies in the north - west of Russia, on the border with Estonia, between St. Petersburg, (Pskov is 280 km far away from St. Petersburg) and Riga (Latvian). Pskov city is the regional center of economic and cultural activities. It has a similar role to that of a state capital in the U.S. Pskov has population of 210 000 people. The total area of the Pskov region is about 55 300 sq. km., it is larger than that of Denmark or Switzerland.

The Pskov Region is divided into twenty four administrative districts, each governed by its own administration.

For this photo gallery was selected the best pictures that reflect the quiet and solemn beauty of the Pskov area, its historical and cultural heritage and the spirit of its inhabitants.

<1> Photos of Old Churches in Pskov city.

<2> My photo gallery, of ancient Towers in Russian Pskov city. Here are was 40 towers in Pskov city, in ancient times.

<3> Photos of Old Izborsk, Old Fortress is located 32 kilometers west of Pskov. Photos of Swans. The picturesque nature, plenty of forests, rivers, lakes create the perfect conditions for rest. Old Fortress. Game reserve.

<4> Photos of Russian airplane IL-76.
Jubilee of Russian regiments of the 76th Pskov Airborne Division.

<5> Photos of Military Performance on the Velikaya river. Photos of the tanks. Crossing Velikaya river. Reenactment of the Battle of the Liberation of Pskov.

Russian city Pskov has celebrated 1 100 year jubilee, in 2003 year. - site describes one of Russia’s ancient cities, Pskov. It is also full of Russian Churches and monuments. There are many links to choose from and around every corner you will learn something new. There are old fortresses and monasteries to read about. The pictures are splendid and make the site interesting and fun to navigate.

1. Historical Monuments of Pskov.

2. Pskov Photo Mosaika.

3. 1100 year Celebration. Jubilee of Pskov city.

4. Pskov. Kremlin.

5. Here is a lot of photos of Hand Made Things (needle work, sewing, wooden things, smithery) and much more.

6. Russian Pskov city modern buildings, photo gallery.

7. Pskov city - the center of the Pskov region. City tour. Monasteries. Museums. Past and present of very ancient Pskov city.

8. About the Pskov Region.

9. Pskov Region (Pskov Oblast): vector images of flags and heraldry of Pskov Land.

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